About GLS

Glasslink Solutions started out as a dependent marketing firm for over 20 years, supplying the demands in creating the
marketing services that most of Self Publishing Companies offer. As a dependent marketing firm who worked with Self
Publishing Companies, we have successfully created more than 10,000 marketing platform. Fast forward today, our
company ventured out on a new business path mainly providing services to self-published authors, providing an
affordable and competitive price in the book market. We also provide publishing service to selected authors who passed
content and marketability assessment.

Many of our clients come to us as a rookie businessman, a debut talent or writers and we actively work with them to
support the development of their success. We also welcome established business and personalities to help bring them
a new level of attention and income.

One of the business-savvy decisions you can make is intelligent outsourcing. You wouldn’t perform your own surgery,
rewire your own house, or cut your own hair. Why would you act as your own Book Agent? The answer is you wouldn’t –
but many people discover this too late. You’re an expert in your field and we are experts in delivering your material to
massive audience and right people.


Submit to us all required materials (digital manuscript, author photo, book synopsis,
author biography) and signed forms.


You will be assigned with your Personal Project Manager. We will be conducting an
interview by asking you a series of questions to help us in creating a perfect output.

Output Approval

We want to make sure that you approve all aspects of this project. We want to
make sure that you agree and is satisfied with our output.


We will make your book available worldwide through the largest Book Distributor.


We will then implement marketing services included on the package. Your assigned

Marketing Analyst will consistently check the book’s reports and progress in the market and
formulate a strategic approach to achieve our goal.