‘Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.’ – John Steinbeck

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I am the Author Duane Haynes. My book title To Flourish. God is the light, We are it's Spectrum. Felicia has been a great assistance for me . She has helped me understand the process of all this and when I was confused she explained everyting to me until I understood what was going to happen. She has shown compassion, professsionalism as well as understanding and patience ( with me, alot). I feel she has gone over and above 100% to help me. Everything she said would happen is happining. All this is new to me so this is very good for me. I feel Felicia and her assistances are a very good example of the professionalism of Glasslink Solutions. I am blessed to be working with such great people.

Duane Haynes​​​ Author

I have worked as a mental health counselor since 2004. I have worked in the school environment for over 15 years. Parenting a child who was diagnosed with Autism before his kindergarten school year, working in the counseling field, working in a school environment, and working in an office clinical setting serving clients allows me to help others through life’s challenges, celebrate the joys of life, and helps give others the tools needed to attempt to live a fulfilling life. A life that is healthy, happy, balanced, and productive. I am also motivated by the idea of maintaining balance emotionally through life’s challenges. I would like to assist parents, educational staff, and children with learning tools to help children sharpen problem solving skills, understand abstract concepts, manage conflict in a constructive manner, and maintain a healthy circle of influence. I am the author of two children’s books, “Candy Apples” (2021) and “Seeds of Faith” (2023). “Candy Apples” teaches about integrity, delayed gratification, and making positive choices. “Seeds of Faith” teaches not to give up while working towards a goal and having faith to achieve a goal. My third book coming soon is called “Flexibly Challenged Mind: An Autistic Flow.” This story will help educators understand how to assist a student with autism in the classroom setting, while also helping the autistic student learn tools to problem solve in the classroom environment.​

Cherice Peagler​ Author

Barry L. Jarreau has written a children’s book entitled The Adventures of Chew Chew and Chipper Too! The Swamp Tour. Where he got his inspiration was how he was raised! Back then, if you wanted to know how to do something, you had to read it. This is something that shouldn’t be lost. “It doesn’t hurt”. Barry learned how to develop a film from a book! He usually forms a story in his head, then goes over and over it until he develops his own characters. Barry laughs at himself sometimes, but that’s good. He always tries to work with good morals and hygiene. It never hurts either. Barry said, “I’m the new kid on the block, but I’m sure others would agree, right from your heart”. Barry grew up in a magical time. His parents were married for 67 years until Mom passed. He had a perfect childhood. Dad kept all three boys on a narrow path. They never wanted anything, except a submarine, a spaceship, you know, stuff like that. Barry joined the U. S Coast Guard in 1979. These were some of the best years of his life. It was then that he decided that, eventually, he would live on the sea. Barry now lives on a sailboat on the coast of Louisiana. He has found that when you are sailing you can empty your mind and just enjoy the passage of time. Barry had always wanted to learn to dive. The chance came along and he went for it. It wasn’t long after that that he went to work with a man who was a spear fisherman. He didn’t spearfish. Barry would go along and hang out under the oil rigs and admire all the different fish. He found an octopus that was living on a reef that had formed on an old platform that was left. It’s a whole other world down there.

Barry L. Jarreau​​ Author

Joyce Meyer Jones has written a self-help book for her readers who want to change the flow of life, entitled Embracing the Law of Attraction: Out of the Box, Into the Light. The book is designed to help the readers to identify both what they want in life, and areas of their lives that need changing. By using this guide, diligent students or readers will begin to experience small changes, or and eventually large changes. By keeping track by documenting growth over time, readers will begin to see how the Law of Attraction works, and will see their lives improve. The people who help along the way, the opportunities that will be offered, because of the change in thinking patterns will impress them. Interest in self-actualization, working with your images, talents, and potential, will move your life to becoming happier and more fulfilled. It is a choice. The movie and book by Rhonda Byrnes, The Secret, which the author has followed and learned from, was one of the inspirations for writing this book. She learned and applied the techniques to her own life, and was able to confront fears, self-limitations and other concerns. The camel picture you see became a reality a couple years after creating a vision board, using this techniques. She had already been on a journey for a decade to open her mind to change and understand more of herself, and get past whatever was holding her back, and so discovering Ms. Byrnes’ writings was perfect synchronicity. This book includes scriptures from the Bible, wise sayings known over the millenniums, a guide to discover what you want, that will help your progress to embrace the law of attraction. It will guide you if you are a new believer, a seasoned Christian, a spiritual person, and a seeker. The treasure you will find is far more valuable than all the gold and diamonds in the world: Your Joy-Filled Life.​

Joyce Meyer Jones​​​ Author

Professor Teri Jones is a native of North Highlands, California currently living in Melbourne, Florida. Her life experiences and careers include college professor, historian, creative writer, 20-year U.S. Army (Retired) Captain, mother, grandmother and entrepreneur. Professor Jones has been writing creative children stories since her childhood years. Her unique talent of writing children stories with deeply embedded spiritual metaphors can be explored between parents and children and enjoyed by readers of any age. Each time you read A Love Story, you will discover hidden treasures that will enlighten you about the gift of Love and the power of Forgiveness.

Teri Jones​​ Author

Michael E. Goings attended the American International college in Springfield Massachusetts and serve three years in the Army, he has been a pastor, noted author and historian more than forty years, Goings and his wife Dr. Louise Goings lived in Dillon, South Carolina. They have two adult children Jennifer (Demetrius) Rouse and Michael Goings II and Grandchildren Elisha and Demetrius Rouse Jr. I get my inspiration to write from the Lord, from reading other writer’s work and from my years of travelling and interacting with people in diverse culture around the world. I also do a lot of reading, be observant and by all means just be continue to write because practice makes perfect. I’ve been satisfied and enjoy having a radio author interview with the veteran broadcaster Mr. Ric Bratton in his radio program .He’s questions both challenge and inspired me to briefly expound about my book is all about.​

Michael Goings Author