“Every book in a bookstore is a fresh beginning. Every book is the next iteration of a very old story. Every bookstore, therefore, is like a safe-deposit box for civilization.”

New Releases

Alien Invasion from Planet Theara: Will earth get taken over by Invaders from a far-away planet?

Robert L Weaver

Sunday Afternoons

Gene Givens

In Search of the Devil on McGuire Air Force

Marlon Beavers

The Lost Child of WWII: My Life during the Great War

Leonida Clarete Watson

The Observations of Life Behind bars

Corey Stevenson

Max's Erotic Adventure

Matt McKee

Job Card

Maurice White

Seed of Simon

Michael Goings


Emigrar Es Vivir (Spanish Edition)

Roberto Fahnoe

Code Name: Arc Angel - The Demise of the Devil

Bruce Jarvis

Indian Summers

Nashid Al-Amin

Behold the PatternMaker: How Embracing the Mysteries of the Old Testament Can Reveal Jesus Christ in New and Powerful Ways

Bob Palumbo

The Minorities, Richards Indiscretions by Terri Celestine Brunson

Terri Celestine Brunson

To Tell The Truth by Fred Fox

Fred Fox

Verdict Justice by Brian Toung

Brian Toung

The Girl With The Red Rubber Boots by Jennifer Smith Culotta

Jennifer Smith Culotta