Life in Cabrini Green to Life in Saudi Arabia

by Tina Abulhassan

About The Author

Tina currently lives in Indiana and enjoys sharing her experience living in the Middle East. Tina enjoys reading, writing, learning, and walking in her spare time. Tina is compassionate with helping others reach their academic goals.

An American woman shares her journey from living in Cabrini Green in Chicago, Illinois, to meeting her Saudi Arabian spouse at Vincennes University and venturing off to live in Saudi Arabia fo thirteen years. Tina enjoys sharing her unique story with friends and those who want to ask questions about her unique life. The story begins with life in Cabrini Green, moving to Indiana, and eventually Saudi Arabia. Enjoy the journey. Each chapter will take you on my journey through my childhood from Cabrini Green to life in Saudi Arabia and how I met my husband and our journey together. Sit back and relax and read on.

About The Book

This book was written for the purpose of the author sharing her story of living abroad in Saudi Arabia. The author wishes to capture an audience who is curious about Saudi Arabia and what it is like for an American to marry into a Saudi tradition.

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