The Girl With The Red Rubber Boots

by Jennifer Smith Culotta

About The Author

Jennifer Smith Culotta, a retired teacher who taught early childhood special education for twenty-five years, has a master’s degree in education. She is also a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature, and has taken postgraduate classes in writing, poetry, and “life-writing.”

She has been published in the Baton Rouge newspaper, and one of her articles is called “Happy Father’s Day Mom”. Jennifer has lived her entire life in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She has two daughters, Elizabeth and Sarah Ashley, who are both sixteen years old. Her daughters are not twins; both were adopted at birth and are only three months apart in age! Elizabeth and Sarah Ashley are the absolute light of Jennifer’s life. Much of Jennifer’s writing is based on real-life events involving her unique and fun-loving daughters.

About The Book

Meet “stubborn as a mule” Skye: a precocious, hilarious, delightful yet exasperating three-year-old drama queen who lives in south Louisiana. When Skye was given a shiny new pair of red rubber boots, she fell in love with them. Skye insisted on wearing the boots day and night, for practically a whole year. Although Skye’s mother wearily attempted to persuade her to wear shoes other than the boots, Skye absolutely refused. Skye knew she was driving her sweet mother to her wits’ end, yet her boots made her feel so securely grounded that she stubbornly continued to wear them. Then one day something really scary happens, and everything changes in an instant!