The Minorities, Richards Indiscretions

by Terri Celestine Brunson

About The Author

I am a disabled single Aspie mother of one, a son named Zachary. I am a Author and a Blogger full-time. When I am not busy writing, I am spending time with my family, traveling, going to amusement parks and football games.

About The Book

Sarah Langston is a floral type Caucasian girl who was extremely and brutally attacked two years prior to the time she revealed her pregnancy to her African American ex-boyfriend Richard Morris’s parents Eddie and Charlotte Morris. Sarah began her healing progress with her ever-supportive father, Paul Langston. She still has horrible nightmares and recurring flashbacks of the extremely brutal attack that Richard inflicted on her. Meanwhile, Richard Morris is serving his time in prison at the State Penitentiary for his brutal attack on Sarah. But…Richard is up to his old seething and evil habits that bring his indiscretions in a 360-degree circumference. His cycle of sinister turn-about brings new meaning to a diabolical agenda. Richard Morris has ties to the outside world of the State Penitentiary; an accomplice and longtime friend, Franklin Nash. Franklin’s loyalty is initiated into a deadly ‘code of violence’ orchestrated in Richard’s reign of terror against two of his old friends, Kevin Osborne, and Luther Rollins. Richard Morris has become an enormously powerful monster by his own conscience as this story keeps revealing Richard’s tainted evil agenda. The Minorities, Richard’s Indiscretions is more powerful than its pilot. There is no way to resist the actions of Richard’s indiscretions in this powerful novel. But…you will find this novel irresistible, lovable, overwhelming, and persuasive to put down in an escapable heartbeat. The Minorities, Richard’s Indiscretions brings another new meaning to the novel beautifully written by its talented Author, Terri Celestine Brunson.