To Flourish: God is the Light We are its Spectrum

by Duane Haynes

About The Author

I am the Author Duane Haynes. My book title To Flourish. God is the light, We are it’s Spectrum. Felicia has been a great assistance for me . She has helped me understand the process of all this and when I was confused she explained everyting to me until I understood what was going to happen. She has shown compassion, professsionalism as well as understanding and patience ( with me, alot). I feel she has gone over and above 100% to help me. Everything she said would happen is happining. All this is new to me so this is very good for me. I feel Felicia and her assistances are a very good example of the professionalism of Glasslink Solutions. I am blessed to be working with such great people.

About The Book

“Positive and encouraging poetry for everyone. Poetry to encourage and give you a positive outlook on life.

This is also a poetry book that teaches you to be brave in facing our greatest fear and be free to swim for the new horizon.”