To Tell The Truth

by Fred Fox

About The Author

Fred Fox is a mellow retiree—geologist, entrepreneur, widower, accordionist, writer and photographer—living in the Arizona desert near Tucson. His book is a result of a life-changing Peak Experience in 1993. You’ll find it worth the read.

Soon after discovering that he didn’t think like a techie, Fred moved into the arts and sciences where his thoughts and writing abilities found a better fit, and he’s been thinking and writing creatively about our Earth and living on it for more than 60-years.

While raising a family and founding two successful consultancies, he earned an MBA employing a rational approach to ethics. Finding that most folks have no true grasp of the subject, he set about making it more accessible to those who would profit from it. It turned out to be simpler than he thought and that everyone can benefit.

” Ethics is not rocket science. It’s all about you. “

About The Book

Your life is all about you, the only you whoever was, is, or will be. To Tell The Truth. . . demonstrates how you can improve your life and create the future at the same time, how you can help resolve global problems simply by returning to the basics. Your responsibility to humanity is only to be ethical and act morally-just

believe what you’ve always known and

become who you already are.

Discover the power of Natural Law, the basis of ethics, the meaning of life, and why you can’t know anything that isn’t true. Learn why the individual, the family, and the community are fundamentally ethical while Government and other groups can’t be.

One person alone can change the world. Maybe that’s why you’re here. Why not give it a shot?