Verdict Justice

by Brian Toung

About The Author

Brian Toung is a practicing attorney who lives with his family in Central Florida. He has five college degrees, four Australian Shepherds and three kids. He practices law full time as a Board-Certified Civil Trial lawyer by the Florida Bar, is a Master BBQ Judge, amateur gourmet chef, red wine snob and golf and college football fan. He also teaches at ERAU-WW as adjunct assistant professor. This is his first novel.

About The Book

Brandon Michaels is a single young trial lawyer living in tropical Daytona Beach, Florida. He recently began his law practice and is in the process of building a reputation for himself as an effective litigator. He will accept almost any case or client who walks through his office door. When rising baseball star, Omar Steele, appears in his office, he brings a sad story of a career-ending injury that should never have happened, and he is seeking justice in the form of compensation. Brandon smells a good case, but he has no idea what kind of a dog fight he is about to encounter. The story follows the lawyer, his clients, and the daily practice of a small-town sole practitioner as he navigates through the ups and downs of the justice system.