Who Did It?

by Doris M. Jones

About The Author

Doris was born in Dallas, Texas. She is the proud Mother of five and

has been writing since she was a child. She has self-published nine

books in five genres. She also writes poetry and has received many

writing awards. She loves helping people. Doris worked as a Medical

Assistant, Medical Schedule and Medical Receptionist.

One of her goals is to open a Food Kitchen to feed the homeless and

hungry. She was very bashful growing up and used her writing to express herself. Doris is a very compassionate and loving person

and is deeply loved by her family and friends. She loves going to

church and is her church’s secretary.

About The Book

Benjamin Alexander was found dead in his home. The neighbor saw one of the identical twins (Keri or Jeri) run from his house when she saw the neighbor. But the twins were in Dallas, Texas visiting their Mom and other family members. The twins were picked up they had just arrived back home. They were questioned and put in jail overnight.

They had pictures and videos with the time on them, which proved it could not have been one of them. The neighbor on the street behind Benjamin Alexander’s house saw a man come through her neighbor’s yard. Who was it looks like the identical twin size?

Sheriff John Ridden checked the twin’s cell phones and the videos and found out that the pictures and videos were legit.